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We cater for all things mathematical at Third Level. maths_9200.jpg


The introduction of Project Maths has resulted in a distortion in grades awarded at leaving cert level. Specifically, there was a 98% pass rate in 2012(a 35% increase  on the 2011 rate). We suspect many students who now find themselves in Third Level courses will have difficulties with mathematics, especially with the level of mathematics required for the science and technology focussed degree programs. 

We disagree with the perception that engineering and technology degree programs are attracting a higher calibre of student. The is patently wrong! - the reality is that more than ever, weaker students are being attracted to higher level maths due to the added bonus of 25 points for scoring a D3 or higher. We now have the ludicrous reality that students are being rewarded for not failing, rather than being rewarded for doing well. Couple this with the ongoing trend in the past years of the dumbing down of the maths syllabus, hand in hand with the easier Project Maths system, and the result is higher maths grades for students who know less maths.


We can provide assistance to Third Level students who are experiencing difficulties in mathematics.

The cost of these one to one classes is 40 Euro per hour. Please contact us.