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Private One-To-One classes: - €40 per 1 hour class

Payment for one to one classes are payable before every class.

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel a class.

Same-day cancellations incur the full cost of the cancelled classes.


Group Classes: - €25 per 1 hour class

Payment for group classes is in advance for the calendar month, payable at the first class of the month. In cases where students miss the class, the payment is not carried forward and the payment is forfeited.


We do not accept weekly payments for group classes.


If a group class becomes a one-to-one class due to a reduction in numbers, the cost of the new one-to-one class will be at a discounted rate of 35 euro per class, payable on the day and subject to one-to-one payment terms, until such time as the class once again becomes a group class, at which time the group rate will apply.


Term Time: -

As a general rule, South East Learning Centre classes break for Xmas, but take place during Easter holidays and mid-term breaks, unless otherwise specified. Every effort will be made to reschedule classes around Bank Holidays, Easter Monday etc etc. No class will be rescheduled unless every member of the class can agree a time. Once a class has been rescheduled and timetabled, the normal rules apply.


Apart from Christmas holidays, our classes take place irrespective of school holidays, mock exams, masses, college open days etc. We charge accordingly and any classes missed will not be carried over to the next payment cycle.